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Black Widow: Like Mother Like Daughter A Deadly Web She Weaves

Latest ProjectPublished January 3, 2014. Black Widow is a novel that takes many dramatic turns. How far will Lynn go to protect her family? Lynn Beaumont goes to extreme lengths in an attempt to save her brother from the mafia, Butch Meyers' Eastside Syndicate. A fierce, fiery, passionate sister shows how love for family will make you take on the impossible under the most daunting circumstances.

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The Odulawak: The Voyage of the Mighty Miracle: An African Myth

Latest ProjectPublished July 22, 2013. Captain Sam Fischer set sail with a crew of 52 members on the Mighty Miracle to save their bloodline. Their destination is Africa for the purpose of trading rum and beads for human cargo-slaves. The Odulawak protects those that have faith in them. Will the Africans they meet have enough faith to invoke the protection of the Odulawak or will Captain Fischer and his crew save their bloodline through the African Slave Trade?

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Eager Beaver Wants to Play: Danger Escape (Children’s Story)

Latest ProjectPublished August 19, 2012.

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An Extension of Time to Die For

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Latest ProjectMaylee is plagued with nightmares about the Angel of Death that reveal the truth about her existence in the small town of Tokeena, South Carolina. Only the love of her life, Alfred Hopkins, can deliver her from the mental anguish she experiences, but Alfred will need much help and coaching because his skeptical nature will not let him view Maylee's problem as reality. Through love, strange events, and the wisdom of Hawk, Alfred soon discovers just how real Maylee’s struggles are and is forced to find a way to save his one and only true love from the premature clutches of the Angel of Death.

In the midst of a string of deaths and odd happenings, Alfred and Maylee find themselves on a train ride getting far away from their troubled lives in Tokeena. Their destination, the outskirts of Yakima, Washington, to a place called Shamballah, The City of Peace. However, you will not find Shamballah on any map for it is the valley of the shadow of death, the home of the Angel of Death.

Setting: The setting of the book is in Tokeena, South Carolina in the present time and moves to Yakima, Washington on into the City of Peace, called Shamballah.

Main Characters: Mr. Grim, Maylee Perkins, Alfred Hopkins, Hawk, and Betty Perkins. Maylee is the daughter of Hawk and Betty Perkins and Alfred marries Maylee at the approval of her father Hawk. Mr. Grim is the Angel of Death.

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